About us

About Company

ImperialMedia s.r.o. is a nationwide advertising and digital agency providing comprehensive services to regional, national and multinational companies in the field of advertising, marketing communication and sales support. We provide comprehensive services in graphic design, web services, production and marketing communications. We have our own photo studio for advertising and product photography.


Our mission is to help all of our clients grow their business, whether in terms of revenue growth, profit or in increasing brand awareness and building a good reputation with customers. To create a place where employees can be self-realized.


To become a long-term marketing partner for our clients. Spread awareness and apply new trends.

Why choose ImperialMedia?


We offer a comprehensive package of services including graphic and photographic services, web presentations, marketing solutions, sales support and much more.

Combining the best

We supplement our internal team with external specialists for selected projects. This way, the best people work on the projects.

Connecting the online and offline worlds

By combining individual tools, we create synergies that increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

Own studio

We provide the entire production of advertising photography from preparation, the actual shooting to digital retouching.

Graphic and photo studio "In-House"

Key professions in the graphic and web studio are staffed by in-house employees, which guarantees the highest possible efficiency in service delivery.

National scope

In today's digital world, we can serve clients from any part of our country.

Náš tým

Michal Pavlica

Managing Director

David Bruckner

Sales Director, Proxy

Roman Haluza

Marketing Consultant

Libor Sládeček

Marketing Consultant

David Vašulka

Marketing Consultant

Vladimír Šopík

Graphic director

Michal Šopík

Graphic designer

Hynek Sedlák


Pavel Boček

Web developer

Pavel Vybíral

Web developer

Hubert Karásek

Web developer

Denisa Klimešová

Online Marketing Specialist

Lada Dorotíková

PPC specialist

Petra Švehlová

Project manager

Kamila Ligasová

Project manager

Stanislav Benešovský


Zbyněk Hruboš

DTP operator

Zdeněk Mikeš